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Weight Management

Weight problems can lead to serious medical problems, which is why Dr. Mina Haidarian is passionate about helping her patients lose weight and keep it off for life. If you've tried every diet in the book, only to regain the weight (or more) once you went off the diet, then you can benefit from the guidance of a physician-supervised weight loss program.

To lose weight and keep it off forever, you need a program that is truly maintainable and someone who will support you every step of the way. Dr. Haidarian encourages healthy, permanent lifestyle changes and does not subscribe to extreme dieting or "weight loss" injections.

As your partner in your weight loss journey, Dr. Haidarian is committed to helping you achieve your goals for weight loss and wellness. She will personally develop and oversee all aspects of your weight loss program on an ongoing basis. Even after you attain your goal weight, Dr. Haidarian will help you maintain and manage your weight.

Imagine looking better and feeling better, being healthier and living longer! Call Westwind Medical Associates at (915) 845-4600 or go online to request your weight loss consultation today.

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